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Why LeadershipCapital ?

'LeadershipCapital' for the new economy

We are currently ranked among  one of the top Executive Search firms in the country. Considered as one of the fastest-growing Search firms in the  industry, we have carved out a niche specializing in CxO Search, Board member Search and senior-level executive management searches for publicly held as well as venture-backed and private-equity companies. We have grown as a technology LeadershipCapital Search company with the vision to grow vertically and have since leveraged our experience & dominance within the technology industry towards other industry practices. Today, we have grown to serve several vertical in the last few years.

What's new ?                   

LeadershipCapital IntelligenceReports   LeadershipCapital Research team have finished our annual Talent Availability Research exercise for the year 2008-09. The Talent outlook for Nine verticals in  the IT space is available . LeadershipCapital availability and all the related factors have been mapped into this comprehensive research report. The Sectors covered from the IT Industry are Telecom/ Dotcoms, Embedded Software, Semiconductor Design, Software Product Engg, ERP/CRM/PDM, I T Infra , KPO.


Value Delivery  through ‘Vertical Practices’

There are currently practice groups covering a wide industry spectrum from R & D , Semiconductor Design, IT Services , ERP/CRM, Telecom & Embedded, Strategic Consulting ,Healthcare & Pharma , Financial Services & Investment Banking , Civil Infrastructure & SEZ, KPO    .The circle is completed with close, interactive client relationships enhanced by totally open-channel communications, speed and creativity in execution and the highest level of professional integrity.

Our Core Strength

We specialize in recruiting CEOs, COOs, CTOs and senior LeadershipCapital in High Technology, General management, Sales &  Marketing, Engineering, Operations, Finance, HRM.. And, as strategic search partners with our customers, we provide boardroom-level counsel, address key search and retention issues and give strategic retention advice to acquire and nurture LeadershipCapital.



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